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The first episode of the popular Documentary, television series Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 that you can download first appeared on TV in 2009-04-06 and was shown by Food Network. The Show was directed and created by , Guy Fieri. The main roles were played by such famous actors like Guy Fieri. The show has a high rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Funky Joints

air: 2009-04-06

Bizzarro Italian Cafe (Seattle, WA), Chef Level Cafe (Wautaga, TX), Jamie’s Bar & Grill (Sacramento, CA)

Man Fieri bogged down several amazing joints DO-ing acute cooking: Close Fort value, a petrol channel with an menu contains budding l’orange; At Seattle, a cafĂ© in which former carnival actors are working homemade pasta using elk; as well as at Sacramento, a dip bar DO-ing primary rib – at a basket.

Episode 2

Their Particular Way

atmosphere afternoon: 2009-04-13

Red Water Heater (North Park, CA), Brandy’s Cafe & Bakery (Flagstaff, AZ), Kuma’s Corner (Chicago, IL)

Man Fieri suits cooks accomplishing things in their very own manner: At Flagstaff, AZ, a family group at which the steak stew is designed of tenderloin; At sandiego, a cafe at a fish marketplace series by 2 brothers, also at Chicago, a dip bar serving two dozen unique hamburgers termed for rock rings.

Episode 3

Only a Small Amount of Every Where

atmosphere evening: 2009-04-20

Bar Gernika (Boise, ID), Cafe Rolle (Sacramento, CA), Havana Hide out (Lake Worth, FL)

Man Fieri rolls outside into amazing joints together with worldwide favorites which includes a Sacramento store front at which the French chef’s functioning dwelling made pate’; Basque specialties in a neighborhood devote Idaho; Along close Palm Beach, FL, Latin-infused favorites cooked at a garage that is converted.

Episode 4

A Burger, A Bowl plus also a Twist

atmosphere evening: 2009-04-27

Manhunter Piazza Al Forno (Glendale, AZ), Slender’s Last Opportunity Chili Shack (Seattle, WA), Twisted Root Burger Co (Dallas, TX)

Man Fieri tests out several regions DO-ing the us’s favorites: Burgers performed each and every that manner in a concerted streak by culinary college grads at Dallas; A Arizona pizza combined serving up household recipes; along with a Seattle chili shack.

Man Fieri tests out some critical scrape cooking: At Portland, a morning meal combined where they truly are making butter milk biscuits with sweet potatoes; At San Anselmo, CA, also a diner at which the BLT includes soft shell crab Also at Boynton Beach, FL, also a deli creating a myriad of east shore antiques out of bagels into matzoh ball soup.

air evening: 2009-05-11

Back-road Pizza (Santa Fe, NM), Jamaica Gates Caribbean Cuisine (Arlington, TX), West Side Drive in (Boise, ID)

Man Fieri finds some surprising joints that the sailors adore: In Boise, ID, a 50-year old drive in where it’s possible to dictate primary rib; At Santa Fe, NM, a pizza combined at the place where they will shirt your dish with green chilis and Jamaican cooking at Forth Worth,TX.

Episode 7

Go to Joints

air afternoon: 2009-05-25

Black Duck Cafe (Westport, CT), Otto’s Sausage Kitchen Area (Portland, OR), Sol Foods Puerto Rican Cuisine (San Rafael, CA)

Man Fieri checks some cherished neighborhood locations: At San Rafael, CA, also a Puerto Rican cafe serving the adobo beef sandwich In CT, a bar found to the beached barge as well as at Portland, a noodle meat marketplace and deli wherever they truly are making sexy dogs out of scratch.

Man Fieri checks out home style cooking at Seattle, at which an southern chef’s attracting southern antiques into the shore; In Arizona,aclassical artist who’s serving upward indigenous Italian recipes And at Santa Fe, the adobe diner wherever corned beef pulp receives a huge twist.

Episode 9

All Types of all Classics

air afternoon: 2009-06-08

Blue Marlin Fish-house (North Miami Beach, FL), Fred’s Texas Cafe (Fort Worth, TX), Pine State Biscuits (Portland, OR)

Man Fieri samples several antiques from coast to shore: At Portland, a locality cafe serving southern-style snacks; At Fort Worth, TX, a road side combined setting some warmth within their expectations; as well as at North Miami Beach, FL, a shack at a country park generating all sorts of smoked fish.

Episode 10

All Around the Map

air: 2009-06-15

Georgia’s Greek Cafe & Deli (Seattle, WA), Los Taquitos (Phoeniz, AZ), Rocco’s Cafe (Bay Area, CA)

Man Fieri rolls to get a huge taste: At Phoenix, a family-owned joint at which 5 sisters have been churns out real Mexican tacos; In Seattle, an automobile store turned Greek cafe functioning leg of lamb; Also at bay area, only a small Italian location earning grandpa’s Bolognese & clams.

Man Fieri assesses several regions maintaining the texture of their previous living: At Idaho, the neighborhood landmark attracted straight back into daily life, by which they have been dishing up dishes that were big; At Portland, the quaint dinner counter at which folks adore the broiled cheese along with homemade curry soup And at Miami, your family combined carrying fish how their grand parents did ago into Cuba.

Episode 12

Ease and Comfort Cookin’

air: 2009-06-29

Dottie’s (San Francisco Bay Area, CA), Over-easy (Phoenix, AZ), Comet Cafe (Milwaukee, WI)

Man Fieri grabs some comfortable food at Arizona, at which a Paris-trained chef’s performing noodle beef with redeye brow; In sanfrancisco, people lineup for supper cheddar cornbread & Pump-Kin sausage sandwiches; Also at Milwaukee, take to bacon-wrapped meatloaf, and also a profound fried chunk of chicken, poultry & mashed legumes.

Episode 13

Ma Ma’s Cookin’

air afternoon: 2009-07-27

Ma-ma E Wings & Waffles (Oklahoma City, OK), Polka (LosAngeles, CA), Avila’s (Dallas, TX)

Man Fieri rolls out into places nevertheless doin’ that it ma-ma’s manner: At Oklahoma City, a couple of doing wings & waffles spirit food items model; At Dallas, a household turned into family cafe; also at manhunter, a darkened combined at an strip-mall functioning pierogis & filled cabbage.

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