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The first episode of the popular Comedy, television series George Lopez season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 that you can download first appeared on TV in 2005-10-05 and was shown by American Broadcasting Company. The Show was directed and created by , George Lopez, Bruce Helford. The main roles were played by such famous actors like George Lopez, Masiela Lusha, Constance Marie, Belita Moreno, Luis Armand Garcia, Valente Rodriguez, Sandra Bullock, Jack Blessing. The show has a high rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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George Lopez Year 5 Entire Collection of Incidents and load Alternatives

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Episode inch

George understands a tingling from the Ash

air afternoon: 2005-10-05

catastrophe strikes when George’s mum forgets around a colored cigarette. Carmen has been designed to wed her boy friend Jason and also have a baby, so a lot to George and Angie’s dismay.

Episode two

You Dropped a Mother on Me

atmosphere afternoon: 2005-10-05

catastrophe strikes when George’s mum forgets around a colored cigarette.) Carmen has been designed to wed her boy friend Jason and also have a baby, so a lot to George and Angie’s dismay.

Episode 3

George’s Dog Days of Bummer

air daytime: 2005-10-12

George would like to find yourself a companion because of his miserable mum, nevertheless every time a rowdy biker (visitor celebrity Duane “Dog” Chapman) fails to provide up the stray canine George’s mother has increased into really like, George chooses to raping the mayor. La Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa guest stars.

Episode 4

George Drives that the bat-mobile

atmosphere afternoon: 2005-10-19

As opposed to devote to Benny’s incessant pleas to get a fresh motor vehicle, George and Angie accept induce round town only to make her outside of your home. But when George chooses Benny along with up her friends after having a crazy night in city, her insensitive Wise Cracks along with also his temper puts him in to a little bit of problem of their.

Episode 5

trick-or-treat Me Correct

air afternoon: 2005-10-26

George and Angie’s pragmatic jokes have been funnier and scarier than as Halloween ways, however since Benny’s violent remarks and behaviour develops even worse, George finds it’s hopeless to laugh off things and threatens to create some huge alterations.

Episode 6

George Requires a Sentimental Ernie

air afternoon: 2005-11-02

George nevertheless will not go back home before his mommy renders, nevertheless if he comprehends just how difficult it’s to call home with Ernie along with his mom and dad he still frees Ernie for receive their or her own location.

Episode 8

George attempts to compose a incorrect

atmosphere afternoon: 2005-11-16

George finds a few secrets which were left unrevealed if he sneaks a glance in a ten-year-old un-opened correspondence out of Angie.

Episode 9

George Discovers Benny’s Sili-Con task

air afternoon: 2005-11-30

George’s Wise Cracks roughly Benny’s age eventually get for her therefore that she makes the decision to boost her torso to generate a more young look.

Episode 11

George is Being Elfish and Christ-misses His Household

atmosphere afternoon: 2005-12-14

George ultimately ends up investing xmas by himself he receives captured telling a lie to escape from paying the vacation together with Angie’s household.

Episode 12

George Enrolls Like This

air afternoon: 2006-01-25

If George discovers that Max is bypassing faculty, he strives for a task model just by heading into faculty, however nobody will take him critically. He attempts to maintain it a secret out of his kids and wife however, that his scientist falls to get an abysmal trip.

Episode 14

The Kidney Stays in the image

air afternoon: 2006-02-08

Max commences to wet the mattress along with George creates pleasure of them nevertheless if that begins taking place, Vic believes that Max can be sexually busy. They require Max into a physician to get out which Max’s kidney has to be studied out.

Episode 15

A Funeral delivers George into His Niece

air afternoon: 2006-02-15

George receives money signals in his eyes once when he sees out he could be termed citizenship of his niece’s multi-million buck secretary.

Episode 16

George Requires Caught at a Powers engage in

atmosphere afternoon: 2006-02-22

George attempts to show his niece that the significance of the buck by earning her job on the mill. However, George could be your first ever to watch by way of Ray’s plot when Ray asks Veronica to faucet her inheritance to put money into a fresh firm.

Episode 19

George Requires Cross More than Freddie

air evening: 2006-03-22

George finds that Max has started an internet romance having a teenaged lady from Chicago. If he supposes his kid’s individuality to safeguard him out of that which he supposes is still a online predator, ” George will come face-to-face off together with Freddie.

Episode 20

George Vows to Generate Several Matri-Money

atmosphere evening: 2006-03-29

“100th Episode” George will take more preparation for a marriage for just one of Angie’s wealthy customers (Eva Longoria) as a way to demonstrate they could perform her work a lot better than she could.

Episode 21

George Discovers The Way Mescal-ed His Life Could Have been the Benny-Fits

atmosphere afternoon: 2006-04-05

Benny is becoming extremely angry if she finds George gets deciphered the outcomes of some productivity competition in the mill versus her favour, however has got the greatest sin when George can not sleep soundly during the night without even dreaming of his own eponymous youth.

Episode 22

It is a cliff hanger, By George

air afternoon: 2006-04-12

“season-finale”- What hangs in the total amount to your full Lopez family members: Ernie informs George the mill is shifting to Mexico plus they’re going to possibly work outside of tasks; law enforcement would like to wonder Benny because of her role at a older prosecution, therefore that she flees; so Angie was nausea for times also anticipates the consequences of the household pregnancy evaluation; Carmen is fearful to start her ultimate faculty letter immediately after getting refused by her initial few decisions; Max has a banned beer plus is now going to sample his very first cigarette; also Vic refuses to indicate relationship to more youthful lady he hardly understands.

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