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The first episode of the popular Mystery, Drama, television series JAG season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 that you can download first appeared on TV in 1997-10-10 and was shown by NBC. The Show was directed and created by , Donald P. Bellisario. The main roles were played by such famous actors like Dean Stockwell, Andrea Parker, David James Elliott, Zoe McLellan, Catherine Bell, John M. Jackson, Karri Turner, Patrick Labyorteaux, Chuck Carrington, David Andrews, Michael Bellisario, Scott Lawrence, Randy Vasquez, Jeff MacKay, Terry O'Quinn, Tamlyn Tomita, Tracey Needham. The show has a high rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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All of the Folks

air day: 1997-10-10

damage groups upwards together with Maj. Sarah MacKenzie along with Lt. Roberts to explore, with Particular Assistant Webb the thieving from this Declaration of Independence, and which had been discharged by Colonel O’Hara. O’Hara, that happens to become Mac’s uncle, ” asserts he’s obtained good care of this frighten persons – and notably the historians of its own meaning and soul. Areas: East of Yuma, Arizona; red-rock Mesa; Washington, D.C.; Falls Church, Va.

Episode two


atmosphere evening: 1997-10-17

The condemned spy Jason Magida efficiently flows out of Groton brig as well as also his manner direct him direct into Adm. Chegwidden, that has been included within his court martial spine afterward. Assuming he had been styled, he also insists that the 3 officers left handed him. Harm among trying out to figure out this problem together with Webb’s assistance, phone calls at an SWAT team subsequently has his fingers high of maintaining the staff out of murdering Magida.

Throughout Mac and hurt’s research to the “”curse”” of their squadron they know the rumor of an jinx comes out of a inadvertent bombing of a undercover mosque throughout Desert Storm. Currently 1 of those palaces involved with the bombing is abandoned, also Harm does not have any choice except to fly inorder to renew the squadron’s self confidence. But if a midsize re-fueling goes awry and hurt is badly hurt, it looks like the squadron could possibly be jinxed whatsoever.

Despite signs to the opposite and also the accused of unwillingness to collaborate, Mac, ” who’s protecting him feels there is much more to this tale than meets the eye. Her fervor induces hurt, who’s prosecuting the situation, to dig deeper to the deceased boy’s individual lifestyle. It really is hurt who finds it is not a event of murder however actually, the sufferer begged his friend to destroy him to maintain a top secret out of his daddy, a stringent previous Navy officer.

The pilot, Lt. Marilyn Isaaks, asserts to have now been applauded for pressing rates of sexual harassment contrary to her controlling officer, Capt. Boone (guest star Terry O’Quinn). Capt. Boone asserts he educated her since she has a terrible pilot. While hurt and Mac are known into run an exhaustive investigation to the allegations, congressional intervention compels Boone to program Isaaks to get an exercise trip — an act that damage believes will probably possess fatal impacts.

Episode 6


air evening: 1997-02-07

hurt & Mac are transmitted into Belfast, Ireland as soon as the baby of Navy Lieutenant Nivens unexpectedly ends lost and also a note left indicates that it had been shot from Lorcan Barnes of this Irish Republican Army (IRA), that is the youngster’s daddy.

Founded in Belfast, Hurt & Mac are instantly in danger using all the Royal Police, if they indicate “”negotiating”” together with all the IRA for recurrence of the Infant. Maybe not finding substantially assistance, they proceed and hunt from the IRA in the particular. Directed into some pub & informed to request a specific kind of beer. While enjoying darts, a guy revealing Mac that the appropriate means to toss a dart whispers inside her ear to visit a store front. With all the Royal Police tailing them, hurt and also the infant’s mommy risk visiting the store front, even though Mac boards ABUS and also direct that the authorities a way from hurt.

After in the store front, hurt is knocked unconscious and taken down stairs. He’s subsequently interoggated with means of a part of the IRA that we know is how Barnes.

Following hurt and Mac discover the simple fact every one of the members of their admiral’s previous SEAL group have expired under mysterious conditions, ” the JAG workforce finds that Chegwidden along with his own team have been a member of some CIA-controlled SEAL mission through the viet nam war. ” Suspecting the murder tries could possibly be joined for the assignment, they found a analysis that causes the Nazi broker’s storyline to get rid of witnesses into some dreadful episode that happened throughout the assignment. However, if that the assassin kills Chegwidden’s girl friend he makes the decision to manage the occupation even though this means reducing his streaks.

While in the off day, hurt chooses Mac to get a trip into his antique plane, simply to be made to create an emergency landing at a mountain draining due of mechanical difficulties. In quest of assistance, they unknowingly Sur-prise that a group of poachers that have only killed a match warden and who’re currently established to destroy hurt and Mac. Their own lives in peril, hurt and Mac ought to utilize each elusive military move they have ever heard as a way to flee the murderers that are currently searching for them. Meanwhile, the Bud wrestles with beginning a love using Ens. Harriet Sims.

While Harm finds the tough-as-nails officer at control of drive Recon coaching, Capt. Koonan, introduces unanticipated problems to the practice assignments like a way of educating the people to respond swiftly to openings throughout battle. Besides analyzing the Marines’ mettle, the procedure doubles their opportunities returning out of fight. Nevertheless, within the assignment by which hurt is concerned, the system difficulty radically, leaving 5 guys trapped at a practice move destined to get a tragedy that Capt. Koonan cannot undo, which is around problems for find the Warriors — along with himself outside firmly.

Episode 12

The Guardian

air evening: 1997-03-28

hurt and Mac shield a former Navy Seal, currently a displaced person, however nevertheless a trained killing machine, who’s accused of using excess pressure in murdering three guys who strove to maintain a convenience shop.

It looks to be an open and shut instance of triple murder before hurt and Mac realize the prior Seal, ” Paul Bauwer acted intuitively in the retailer as he had to guard a youthful boy that was his own eponymous kid but did not acknowledge him. Bauwer, humiliated by their or her own vagrancy, really wants to continue to keep his identity a secret out of his youthful son. Like a outcome, hurt and Mac ought to invent a prosperous defense with no exposing their customer’s partnership for the single witness into this episode, whilst in an identical time demonstrating that Bauwer behaved at a suitable way.

A Israeli diplomat experiencing a coronary heart transplant stipulates that the Hamas terrorists with all an right negotiating software. They just take control the living space — and the full hospital and also make use of the diplomat as leverage whilst requiring the launch of 1 of the warrior leaders. Meanwhile, the Mac remains trapped at a medical facility cafeteria seeking to reconcile together with 2 terrorists.

Episode 14

Cowboys and Cossacks

air: 1997-04-11

damage, Mac and Bud are delegated sea obligation to become official observers throughout a combined wargames workout in between U.S. and also Russian naval forces, however, the matches require a fatal turn as soon as the rival captains opt to produce the conflict actual — and also hurt, Mac and Bud are immobilized to board that the Aztec boats.

Even the captains are bitter enemies out of coldwar days also have recognized that their last grudge match. These two have decided to help it become a struggle for the dying, even when this means moving down to their boats and even shooting everyone else on board together with them plus it’s really as much as damage and Bud to defuse what might eventually become World War III.

Episode 15

rendez vous

air: 1997-04-18

hurt and Mac end up court adversaries if Mac is delegated to shield a acknowledged spouse whom hurt is prosecuting to its murder of his spouse’s boy friend.

Mac finds herself detesting the guy whom she will function as defending — a guy who educates her too much of the abusive dad. Meaning very well, damage advises Mac that she is enabling her own emotions get in the manner of her skilled responsibilities, nevertheless the information enrages Mac and he or she will take her anger out about Harm in addition to her own client.

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