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The first episode of the popular Mystery, Drama, television series JAG season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 that you can download first appeared on TV in 1999-09-21 and was shown by NBC. The Show was directed and created by , Donald P. Bellisario. The main roles were played by such famous actors like Dean Stockwell, Andrea Parker, David James Elliott, Zoe McLellan, Catherine Bell, John M. Jackson, Karri Turner, Patrick Labyorteaux, Chuck Carrington, David Andrews, Michael Bellisario, Scott Lawrence, Randy Vasquez, Jeff MacKay, Terry O'Quinn, Tamlyn Tomita, Tracey Needham. The show has a high rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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King of the Greenie Board (inch)

air: 1999-09-21

although patrolling the Mediterranean close Yugoslavia and contrary to the dictates of hurt, his division commander, Lt. Buxton fires exactly what he thinks will be that a mysterious armored car or truck going to strike Kosovar refugees. Since Buxton along with his buddies are observing his success straight back aboard the air craft carrier, but the tomb news broadcasts: individuals “”Serbs”” Buxton assaulted and murdered were in actuality, Russian peace keepers, along with Buxton left the error although under hurt’s command.

Mac prosecutes that which is apparently a open and shut example of an maritime weapons skilled accused of reckless endangerment.

Episode 2

Rules of Engagement (two)

air: 1999-09-28

Suddenly, the wily Buxton requires that damage and also Brumby function as his attorneys, hence avoiding hurt from testifying from him personally and pushing against both thirds attorneys to come collectively together. The controversial trial has been Mac along with Roberts prosecuting, and also that the stress is huge because the U.S. Navy as well as also the Russian administration reluctantly adhere to along with the demo to be certain a unique plans are satisfied. The Navy has its own very own exceptional plans such as its annoying Buxton.

Throughout a hazardous assignment within hostile scripted land, damage’s wing man’s aircraft is taken upward and hurt performs top-gun maneuvers to help keep the Allied airplane aloft till it has more friendly land.

Meanwhile, using a brand new Gunny at the off ice, Bud & Tiner collapse since they vie against one another at a internet auction to buy tickets to some concert, even as a way to impress the Admiral. They wind up looking absurd if it’s detected the Gunny received exactly the exact same tickets at no cost. Harm chooses instance after Lt. Nelson, ” the son of this Secretary of the Navy, is enticed by Cmdr. Burke of disobeying an arrangement in sea, also an action worth a courtroom baseball. Hurt and Bud stick to his route, plus so they start to discover troubling truth concerning the corporal’s last which reveal why he should remain from their limelight.

Episode 6

Psychic Warrior

air daytime: 1999-11-02

If a Navy investigation endeavor between psychic phenomena extends awry and results at the passing of just one of its investigation areas, hurt interrupts the admiral in control of the undertaking. Since Mac prosecutes, she firmly demonstrates the admiral’s ESP notions are incorrect. Nevertheless, while her good friend Chloe vanishes and Mac adventures an eyesight which will preserve her own life, she starts to get 2nd thoughts regarding the paranormal. Raglan’s latest mission is really always to try the protection round a U.S. atomic attack submarine. However, if Raglan goes a lot and hijacks the sub floor with Bud up to speed, hurt is known as into pursuit down the sub-par from moment imagining his previous good friend. Your cat and mouse match gets mortal, although, as it seems that Raglan has changed sides, requiring countless dollars in ransom or he will shoot target onto the U.S. objective. When confronted with all this signs, Olivia feebly resisted the allegations, leaving Mac believing that she is accountable for their fees.

Episode 9

Contemptuous expressions

atmosphere afternoon: 1999-11-23

hurt presents a court martial every time a letter critical of this President seems around the oped sheet of some paper and can be tracked into his PC.

As a evaluation interrupts hurt’s pro motion along with his whole livelihood, a renowned traditional company has to stand for him damage accepts. The real key to hurt’s protection would be always to come across the true letterwriter, S O Bud digs by way of hurt’s previous instance records hunting for people that have a axe to grind. The boat’s captain and Skates’ restraining officer put the whole attribute of this wreck onto her buttocks and then media the court martial.

Banned from your preliminary identification due to his connection with Skates, ” hurt is now in a position to greatly help once he is called up on in order to shield his good friend at her court martial and utilizes most his lawful abilities to rescue her army livelihood. In the memorial, hurt matches a gorgeous, however mysterious female, that asserts to get understood hurt, Sr.. She was always a singer at a travel USO excursion plus also she met hurt’s daddy briefly prior to his maiden trip.

Within a odd casting twist, hurt celebrities because his dad within this event, and lots of recognizable faces reveal playing various characters.

Episode 12

in to the Breech

air evening: 2000-01-11

hurt and Mac stumble up on a miscarriage of justice at a 10-yearold instance if they tutor that a set of law students at a mock test.)

At the instance, an analysis team led by Admiral Chegwidden reasoned a thwarted gun captain led to an explosion which murdered 29 sailors, for example himself. However, if the “”protection lawyer,”” aided by Mac, and also the “”prosecutor,”” aided by hurt, re try the situation, ” a brand new perspective and brand new signs are discovered, prompting Mac and problems for ask the hearing function as siphoned. She also thinks the suspect, Kenneth Farmer, needs to obtain the death punishment, however she has to contend differently in courtroom. Brumby, that will not rely on capital punishment, has to contend in favour of this.

Nevertheless, in trying to ditch the first guilty verdict, Mac need to maintain insufficient counsel from the corporal’s past law firm: then-Commander A.J. Chegwiggen. The allure court allows stand alone the initial guilty verdict, however, also orders a brand new bond hearing.

Mic is remembered from the Royal Australian Navy and has to leave inside of 72 hrs. Like a consequence, hurt is delegated to displace Brumby in the newest bond hearing. Even with Mac’s disagreements into this protector of Corporal Farmer which wasn’t increased by then-Commander Chegwiggen, ” Corporal Farmer is sentenced to departure.

Admiral Chegwiggen shouts a goodbye celebration for Mic in the neighborhood pub. Actually

Episode 14

Cabin Stress

air afternoon: 2000-02-01

hurt is trapped under deck onto the sinking boat using a sailer, that continues to be convicted of murder, as well as a shield. Some saving equipment pops, blocking the only escape path. As water starts to fill the place, the 3 adult men are sure the circumstance is impossible. Lee asserts he murdered his Australian nemesis several years past as well as at a fear, exchanged identities with all the deceased person.

Currently, billed together with deserting and murder, ” Lee would be still tried within an Australian courtroom, equaling Harm contrary to Brumby. Harm and also Brumby will also be going to really go headtohead beyond the court when Mac looks in Sydney and Brumby determines it is time and energy to create her choose from him and damage.

In regards to light which P.O. Tiner was included at the brawl, with come into the assistance of his company, whom Gunny was roughing up.

Meanwhile, the Mac finds himself wrestling together with all the “”do not ask, do not tell”” plan as perspectives towards Tiner switch round the off ice below suspicions which he is homosexual. They even board a plane for Korea, together side a veteran who asserts to get engaged from the shootings. Korean terrorists takeover the aircraft and insist on penalizing those accountable to its alleged war offense.

Episode 19


atmosphere afternoon: 2000-03-28

hurt and Mac face off in courtroom every time a lady Sea Man, charged with desertion, asserts she abandoned as her aide whined to her in exactly what her obligations are. Meanwhile, the Admiral Chegwidden chooses event of a older friend that whose impressive livelihood is jeopardized on account of the medial side effects of Viagra.

Episode 20

Fall Zone

air: 2000-04-04

Mac prosecutes that a SEAL jumpmaster is charged with inducing the drowning death of the trainee in a parachute accident simply by being dangled above and can be safeguarded by Bud, aided by way of a brand new feminine Lieutenant who’s extremely ambitious, needing to become the very first feminine JAG.

Bud & Lt. Singer finds a security record that’s inadmissible in court docket which affirms that the prosecution’s emptiness the jumpmaster was diminished. The record inexplicably warms in Mac’s vehicle and she or he drifted through it. Soon after conferring with hurt who informs her exactly what she knows she burns up the document. However, throughout questioning courtroom, Lt. Singer items that Mac is emphasizing her debate depending around the document, that Bud clearly insists. Mac is billed using prosecutorial misconduct, taken off & replaced by hurt.

Was completed from the Admiral, ” she chooses a while heads & leave to devote some time together with Mic at Australia, rushing in to the Admiral & Dr. Walden who’re shooting his very own saturday and sunday ‘vacation’.

Harm creates evident about Lt. Singer that whoever installment M

Episode 21

The Witches of Gulfport

atmosphere evening: 2000-04-25

Mac goes underground to assist Harm explore rates of sexual misconduct contrary to Chief Petty Officer Merker who’s the pioneer of their Wiccans, also a neighborhood witches coven with lots of Navy members. The feminine Sea Man who attracted the bills asserts she had been chained if she dropped beneath the individual’s fascination, however, Merker maintains the intercourse was consensual. The Wiccan’s lawyer is eloquent and asserts his customer is still your innocent sufferer. But, Mac finds a second youthful female suffered exactly the identical destiny. He disturbs her apologize along with Merker is available accountable.

Afterwards, Mac finds that Mic Brumby was pitched right to a compromising situation although under cover at the Royal Australian Navy. Meanwhile, the Bud happens around the significant weight of attempting to retain a fat tiny officer out of getting discharged because of neglecting to eliminate pounds. SEAL clarifies he could be really on the crusade to expose Navy SEAL impostors.

As a way to demonstrate his purpose on hurt, who’s delegated to shield him Rivers puts him at the biggest market of the treacherous plot to expose the other fictitious varnish. However Rivers guarantees Harm his protection will be at the control of 2 valid previous SEALS, he discovers himself in courtroom once Harm dominates the demo to follow a guide around the prospective assassin. Harm believes the first test attorney did not dig deep in to the circumstance since he realises that the evaluation that the brand new film starts to grow. However, demonstrating his innocence turns out to become always a tough job, due to this age old strain amongst the Navy and the Marines.

Adm. Chegwidden frets within an language he has to devote if he would be usually to receive a award.

Mic Brumby yields un-expectantly into the States; Mac & every one are shocked if he declares he’s stepped his Royal Australian Navy commission to ensure he would go for the united states and also be with the “”female he likes.””

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