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The first episode of the popular Mystery, Drama, television series JAG season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 that you can download first appeared on TV in 2000-10-03 and was shown by NBC. The Show was directed and created by , Donald P. Bellisario. The main roles were played by such famous actors like Dean Stockwell, Andrea Parker, David James Elliott, Zoe McLellan, Catherine Bell, John M. Jackson, Karri Turner, Patrick Labyorteaux, Chuck Carrington, David Andrews, Michael Bellisario, Scott Lawrence, Randy Vasquez, Jeff MacKay, Terry O'Quinn, Tamlyn Tomita, Tracey Needham. The show has a high rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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JAG Period 6 Entire Collection of Incidents and load Selections

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Legacy (inch)

air afternoon: 2000-10-03

whilst damage is transmitted into Russia to aid the Russians look for a far better approach to execute their armed forces justice approaches, Mac and Bud continue powering to violate a Naval commander charged by attempting to sell military secrets for the Russians. The moment in Russia, hurt will become concerned about exploring advanced level corruption at the armed forces.

Meanwhile, the Mac is still to the point of building a manage all the traitorous Naval officer after he along with his attorney are killed. Mac and Webb afterward detect the traitor was connected with an Russian assassination plot. However, Mac’s efforts to awake Harm neglect, also he’s captured in a ambush using a Russian that shows that the life-changing magic formula into him personally.

Episode 2

Legacy (two)

air: 2000-10-10

damage is distraught if his recently detected half-brother, ” Sergei, is styled for a crime punishable by loss of life, though Mac occurs at Russia to protect against a presidential assassination.

Episode 3

Florida Straits

atmosphere: 2000-10-17

as soon as the ruler of some U.S. Navy frigate adopts a youthful woman in territorial waters and places off the starts of an global episode, damage and Bud’s analysis direct them into Cuba as well as also a gathering with Castro.

Episode 4

Flight possibility

air afternoon: 2000-10-24

After 2 Naval aviators are murdered in the collision of the newly updated F-14 jet, damage finds improprieties together with civilian builder and also the Navy liaison.

Since Mac begs because of the prosecution of a innocent appearing younger ensign accused of murdering her spouse’s teenaged girl friend she discovers her rival is not one apart from Juanita Ressler, who has been her professor at law faculty. Ressler can be really a exact media-savvy demo lawyer that uses just about every trick in the publication to swing social press along with the general public to her customer’s facet.

Hurt travels outside into sea to inquire into the passing of the sailor aboard a distributor. Originally considered to become considered a suicide, ” Harm finds signs for the oppositeto

After A J speaks to Dr. Walden on that which happened into his vehicle, she’s appalled that A J would accuse her son of impropriety & terminates his or her romantic relationship. Danny Walden is fairly smug to A J he’d managed enough to break up them that would definitely come to haunt him afterwards. Together with his automobile being hauled with the authorities, he’s tasked together with forcing a rent vehicle.

Harriet switches right into labour 30 days premature and also a apparently favorable child birth turns sour after it’s detected the child’s mind is pushing the umbilical cable cutting off blood flow for the infant along with also her physician (Dr. Gettis) is no where available. As the other physician measures, Harriet is gearing into the living room within a effort to conserve the infant. A anonymous informant accuses Adm. Boone of all massacrering civilians throughout the Vietnam War, also damage and Mac have been awarded just 4 times to inquire into the claim, simply among the two-part event. While he’s finally acquitted, ” he determines it’s most likely most useful to retire in your ceremony, in spite of damage’s hindsight the Navy desire guys like him.

Episode 9

family members Keys

atmosphere evening: 2000-12-12

At Christmas period, whilst everyone else in JAG is appreciating exactly the joyful period of this entire year, Bud & Harriet have reached modest Sarah’s grave site thumping her headstone that’s only been set. Bud promises it merely can not end such as that and insists about figuring out exactly what transpired. Bud & Harriet method Mic to possess him reflect that the Roberts within their own instance contrary to Dr. Gettis. Mic warns Bud to discontinue, causing Bud to appreciate Mic can not reveal him as his clinic will be representing Dr. Gettis. Harriet attempts to speak Bud from chasing exactly the circumstance, however, her pleas have been discounted by Bud.

Mac is delegated the situation with the Admiral even though Bud’s request are the direct lawyer. While he’s arranged to keep a way from your circumstance, he still can not. Mac issues Dr. Gettis the reasons he chose a long time to react if Harriet labour was issue. Dr. Gettis asserts his pager battery had expired & failed to recognize he had been wanted before he discovered the over-head page to get him personally.

Bud nevertheless finds advice regarding the compu

Episode 10

Twist and Move

atmosphere evening: 2001-01-09

damage’s former spouse Kate Pike is contemplating moving straight back into your JAG office. It will become complicated after a previous CO of all Kate has been contemplated because the new Inspector standard and Kate confides to hurt he made unwelcome sexual advances for her if she first worked.

Lt. Singer looks in the entranceway throughout Kate’s dialog and so on after, the event will be reported from the Washington networking, but Harm supposes Lt. Singer whilst the source, ” she realising such a thing.

Finally, Kate determines that Washington is still simply perhaps not where to do the job and makes the decision to show down the Admiral’s project deal.

Harm uses the defense up using the former Marine Drill Instructor who’s confronting life imprisonment below the 3 strikes legislation.

Cmdr. Ted Lindsey (last found in “”individuals vs. Mac””) strives to impress Admiral & Mac within a effort to bring in promotion to Captain. Nevertheless, that the Sgt. significant asserts he had been worried when his spouse failed to come house, moved outside on the lookout on her has been headed for her spot from the sight of an dead person chaplain out of his older viet nam device. His shield brings a agent of this Vatican that can be taking into consideration that the dead chaplain to get Sainthood.

Meanwhile, even when Tiner shacks a fresh screen saver that hunts for extra-terrestial lifetime around the Admiral’s personal computer, it hastens excitement once it begins making odd sounds. It really is as much as problems for persuade his good friend (and also the earth) the mishap was due to a defective brand new Russian infantry, devoid of divulging highly-classified content.

Meanwhile, the Mac is delivered onboard the wasp Watertown to watch if the Congressional committee led by Rep. Latham explores the reason why women aren’t permitted to function aboard submarines.

Renee & Mic are abandoned wondering why if their is some thing between hurt & Mac.

Sgt. Joan Steele, chased by terrorists that a calendar month prior to the attack, ” insists the alliance she gave that the terrorists was first created to foil their plot. Hurt, who’s protecting her, finds her assert suspicious. CIA Operative Clayton Webb wants her help in tracking a famous terrorist who’s intending to bomb a second U.S. concentrate on in 48 hrs, and also Steele quickly agrees. But she then unexpectedly disappears, confirming hurt’s feelings and, even what’s more, leaving the mark — even a bus load of American kids — even in an increased risk.

Episode 21


air afternoon: 2001-05-01

damage is amazed to know his previous girl friend, Lt. Cmdr. Jordan Parker hasbeen established dead within her flat, was taken by her gun.

Not surprisingly signs, damage is reluctant to simply accept the assumption that Jordan dedicated calls & suicide from Lt. Cmdr. Teresa Coulter to assist assess the forensic proof. Hurt & Mac commence to start looking for potential suspects who’d prefer to eliminate her, you start with her final boy friend who’d already become a man of hers.

Nevertheless, because all of those suspects have been ruled outside, they get started to start looking for different chances to spell out her passing. The analysis produces some surprising discovery for Jordan’s neighbor. Returning property, damage is astonished to come across a correspondence from Jordan within his email address box. Jordan composed & mailed it a couple of hours until she had been murdered; at that she informs Harm simply how far she’d appreciated their period with each other.

Episode 22


air afternoon: 2001-05-08

damage & Mac sq off at court more than a control of prohibited fraternization( nevertheless as soon as they oral arguments eventually become led in one another & symbolizing their particular decide Helfman recesses the courtroom to its afternoon having a powerful admonishment into both these.

Every one of the team turns up in Admiral Chegwidden’s residence for Mic & Mac’s involvement celebration. Lt. Singer turns up at a knock out of the apparel that stuns the Admiral to get an instant, never utilised for watching her into civilian garments.

Bud turns up apparel nicely for the same time, however Harriet finds after coming he’s peanutbutter onto his own tie. Bud is mortified attempting to find yourself a tie out of anybody, with no a lot of chance. Later on, he’s made to get rid of his coat when wine becomes spilled on him.

Through the duration of the day, Mac reminisces using all the Admiral about earlier incidents between them both. If hurt & Mac spending some time together lonely talking their partnership, flashbacks re-call a variety of even

Episode 23


atmosphere afternoon: 2001-05-15

preparing to provide a lecture regarding the 1842 Naval court-martial, ” Mac finds himself fretting in that which really transpired.

Episode 24

Adrift (inch)

air: 2001-05-22

Mac will become angry when hurt informs her in the previous second which he isn’t going to be attending her newfound obligation as a way to finish his 6-month essential provider landing credentials. He assures her he will soon be right back in time to your own wedding day.

In the church, Chloe is mindful of having good friends of Mic.

Onboard the USS Patrick Henry, ” Harm finds the LSO who’ll be scoring him believes he just being a “”land-based Washington weenie””. His anxieties which he wont be rated quite are accomplished if he could be arranged to property immediately after his very first effort is hauled off. After compelling the LSO which these certainly were traveling they manner the LSO educated them he lets problems for decide to try. After departure, subsequently finishes his essential night cubes and traps to return into Andrews AFB. Using an upcoming storm, even all of air functions are still suspended, but is ensured he or even Skates may function as initial tom cat, after its supposed to become more safe.

Using a rest from the storm, then he or she Skates are all permitted togo.

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