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The first episode of the popular Mystery, Drama, television series JAG season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 that you can download first appeared on TV in 2002-09-24 and was shown by NBC. The Show was directed and created by , Donald P. Bellisario. The main roles were played by such famous actors like Dean Stockwell, Andrea Parker, David James Elliott, Zoe McLellan, Catherine Bell, John M. Jackson, Karri Turner, Patrick Labyorteaux, Chuck Carrington, David Andrews, Michael Bellisario, Scott Lawrence, Randy Vasquez, Jeff MacKay, Terry O'Quinn, Tamlyn Tomita, Tracey Needham. The show has a high rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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JAG Time 8 Entire Collection of Incidents and load Selections

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essential Illness (3)

air: 2002-09-24

The incident begins with a brief recap of exactly where we left last time: Bud & PO Coates strolling across a dust trail en route to wait that the revolutionary of their brand new faculty, whenever they see a tiny boy playing at an area which had to be rid of mines. Since Coates conducts to get assistance, there’s an burst supporting her. She works punctually to watch Bud wounded at the explosion and conducts on his own side. Coates claims that Bud has to be hauled onto the helo that attracted them which Bud will not be in a position to await the suitable medevac chopper.

Bud is air lifted to your neighborhood hospital, even important, however residing. As fortune might have it, ” ZNN reporter Stuart Dunston simply appears to beat the bottom camp if Bud is attracted it. Dunston accounts that the birth of a wounded JAG officer who has been introduced but doesn’t report that the identify. Chegwiggen advises Harriet, however, informs her why could be still about the Seahawk. She attempts to get him instantmessaging, but will not get a response.

He asserts antisemitism drove him to abandon the Corps and combine with the Israeli military, at which he had been granted for heroism. The JAG crew calls farewell to Lt. Singer who’s leaving to its wasp Seahawk.

Episode 4

hazardous sport

atmosphere: 2002-10-15

hurt prosecutes a vulnerable instance in a event that sees that the swearing from a fresh Secretary of the Navy along with the coming of some fresh JAG Officer.

Right after assuming his new character, SecNav Sheffield appoints Lt. Cdr. Tracy Manetti, also a Harvard Law graduate, to Adm. Chegwidden’s staff. Her very first mission is next seat to hurt at a negligent-homicide event from Lt. Reynolds, also a cachet. While directing to a guerrilla war game one of civilians in rural Virginia because of evaluation of unconventional warfare, ” Reynolds did not discontinue for regional authorities, causing a highspeed pursuit by that a deputy was murdered.

Episode 5

In nothing

air: 2002-10-22

hurt is arranged to shield an plane-maintenance officer that he considers is responsible for having one that led to the passing of an aviator. Meanwhile, the Harriet unwittingly hastens Bud’s rehabilitation when he insists that he remainder in your house.

Episode 6

Offensive motion

air evening: 2002-10-29

hurt defends women pilot accused of sexual harassment with an associate of the team who asserts destroyed his potential at the armed forces simply because he rebuffed her progress. Hurt is doubtful of the customer’s denials of these fees, although his co-counsel, ” Lt. Cmdr. Manetti, is shaky, inducing stress involving your JAG attorneys. Prosecutors Mac and Sturgis appear to get a open and closed case by using their celebrity witness testifying till Harm yells them a curve ball which cries the situation open up.

Episode 7

Must understand

air: 2002-11-05

hurt, Mac and Turner move off contrary to the CIA’s top rated counselor once the company attempts to preserve a 1968 Navy sub-par par tragedy, at which 129 adult males expired, categorized. In thus doing, they need to come across a means round the CIA’s categorized information principles as a way to stick to the orders of their brand new Secretary of the Navy. His occupation has been made harder once, at a rare movement, Mac is named since the decide.

Episode 9

If the Bough Breaks

air: 2002-11-19

the ongoing future of seamen dangle at the total amount as a result of Lt. Singer’s advice of courtroom baseball for those after a accident within the boat. But, Singer’s livelihood might even be doomed in the event the dad of her baby is somebody else around the Seahawk, which is hurt and Mac’s task to learn who it’s. The predicament is the career-oriented Singer is not speaking, thus hurt enlists the support of Lt. Manetti todo a few sneaky sour exploring inorder detect the identification of their dad.

Mac stays onboard the 2 Seahawk before an replacement to Lt. Singer continues to be delegated. Hurt was onboard the company to examine the newest Atlantic Fleet JAG command arrangement, whilst Admiral Boone was on-board creating a firm representation into the CAG of this Coral Sea. Admiral Boone, re-assigned when SecNav Nelson was substituted, informs Harm he has retired once and for all.

Before they board their plane the CAG informs Adm. Boone he had been impressed by his demonstration, nevertheless if Harm proceeds to shake off the CAG’s hand, ” the CAG won’t shoot his own hands, cleaning him apart. Hurt is abandoned wondering why the CAG, that he hadn’t ever achieved, looks never to enjoy him. Then they leave into the airport deck the time to visit that their plane going to property. The landing nevertheless, will not arise, due to the fact their tailhook jumped off & chucked onto the deck. Even the COD maintains an urgent situation takeoff, which makes both the 2 friends using all the recognition they are shelling out this yuletide E

Episode 12


atmosphere afternoon: 2003-01-07

damage and Mac explore a maritime standard asserts which the Navy physician led to the passing of the teenaged daughter throughout regular operation.)

Meanwhile, the Bud is indeed frustrated with all the basic cases he has ever been awarded ” he makes the decision to explore what looks like a open and closed case and has unexpected outcomes. If she can help the lieutenant get discharged from your armed forces, she’s angry if she afterwards finds he’d stolen hitech keys to utilize within his videogame firm.

Meanwhile, the hurt is jeopardized with case with an older woman and her unethical lawyer after a traffic collision.

At the optimal/optimally tradition of “”Ghosts of Christmas Past”” that paid tribute for the USO entertainers ago & gift; “”Overdue & Presumed missing”” that saluted the natives that were portion of the submarine group, conducting deep & running hushed in their own 100th anniversary, “”Every One people Angels”” proceeds that good heritage by concentrating nearly entirely onboard the Navy hospital ship, wasp good will, through the battle of Iwo Jima in World War II.

In “”Ghosts of Christmas Past””, the routine & recurring cast members of all “”JAG”” can depict different characters inside this narrative.

Episode 15


air: 2003-02-11

In one “”ripped from the news”” incident, hurt chooses his twist onto the seat in a ‘friendly fire’ episode, whereas British soldiers had been murdered following an American pilot accidentally dropped his bomb ordnance in their own location.

Mac is delegated to overthrow the pilot’s, but needs to handle hurt’s recurrent impartial rulings. Harm yet has their or her own issues because the SecNav causes it to be superior for him which the certainty must meet the British.

News writer Bill O’Reilly is also featured.

Episode 16

Heart & Soul

air: 2003-02-18

If Harm chooses Admiral Chegwidden to get a experience at af-14 Tomcat, ” A-J has to struggle for survival right after accidentally being calmed right to a deeply populated region, blanketed into a snowstorm. Turner reaches arrange a ride onto the submarine that’s jump to your mid east if it’s been detected the 10-kiloton atomic warhead has become lost.

Episode 18

Fortunate Son

air: 2003-03-18

A ) by representatives of the Immigration & Naturalization Service (INS) to a vessel carrying Spartan women being spat in america, additionally nets a renowned Vietnam-native maritime Lieutenant, ” who’s supposed to own role in attracting the women accountable forprofit.

Damage & Sturgis are delegated to observe whether that the Lieutenants assert he awakened to the warehouse shelves to sneak would be accurate, or even when he’s among those guide smugglers. They know if the sanity had been yrs of age residing in Saigon along with his mum, he had been loaded on the previous scene transports people out of the US Embassy at Saigon on April 29, 1975, only prior to the town had been occupied by North Vietnam. When there is just space for 1 man abandoned to the helicopter, then his mother put him on-board & remained powering. He was subsequently attracted for the usa & later on combined the Marines, quickly progressing throughout the ranks, learning to be an pilot got wonderful difference for themself.

Throughout the analysis they know which the Lieutenant & co

Episode 19


atmosphere: 2003-04-01

getting sensed betrayed before by today’s associates of JAG, ” Commander Lindsey produces his title into the SecNav essential of this Admiral and also the remaining part of the team at JAG. Hurt is Courtmartialed to its murder of Lt. Singer. Currently, Sturgis proficiency in tackling a instance is contested and Sturgis have to currently rely upon Bud to effectively shield him.

As soon as the CIA accomplishes a medication lord is selling missiles to terrorists, ” Clayton Webb (re assigned into south usa at “”Must understand””) is delegated to stop the price from happening. To greatly help along with his pay, Mac is delivered out of Washington to masquerade as Webb’s husband.

Harm proceeds to handle his feelings in which Mac can be involved. Talking about her, then Hurt turns to CIA Legal Professional Catherine Gale for aid in discovering Mac’s place. But, Hurt Winds up Ms. Gale using a private Matter. If term reaches Washington, DC who Webb & Mac are overlooking, hurt insists departing S. America to hunt to these if this indicates resigning his commission.

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