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The first episode of the popular Mystery, Drama, television series JAG season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 that you can download first appeared on TV in 2003-09-26 and was shown by NBC. The Show was directed and created by , Donald P. Bellisario. The main roles were played by such famous actors like Dean Stockwell, Andrea Parker, David James Elliott, Zoe McLellan, Catherine Bell, John M. Jackson, Karri Turner, Patrick Labyorteaux, Chuck Carrington, David Andrews, Michael Bellisario, Scott Lawrence, Randy Vasquez, Jeff MacKay, Terry O'Quinn, Tamlyn Tomita, Tracey Needham. The show has a high rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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A Tangled Webb – component II (4))

air: 2003-09-26

The 9th time begins exactly where last year left off, together with damage, Mac, Webb & Gunny nonetheless in Paraguay looking to your own terrorist Sadik. Their hunt is more complicated from damage’s feelings getting tied up that drove him to resign his commission rush into South America while in the very first location.

Episode 2

Changing Sands

atmosphere: 2003-10-03

damage yields to Washington, DC and can be not surprised to detect Admiral Chegwidden experienced processed his resignation by means of official stations. In addition, a lady petty officer recorded as lost in actions throughout Desert Storm can be found at Iraq, wed to your bedouin sheik. Like a consequence that the Navy expenses her with desertion. Straight back in JAG, “”Mikey”” Roberts phone calls Mac to simply help him if he has to function like a character witness at a honour code battle.

Back in Iraq, a maritime recon platoon is amazed with way of a 10 year old Iraqi plotted civilian tending for his or her goats. Amazed in watching with the armed forces maritime, the boy runs away. After the platoon is included at a skirmish, leading in 2 deaths and also the Sergeant losing the own radio. Struggling to telephone set for transport out from this desert, the platoon has to wind up strolling lots of miles from town for protection. Once-safe, it’s heard the fire-fight has been that the consequence of the boy returning into his village notifying a number of those regional Iraqi opposition members, that instantly sought outside to participate the platoon. However, if the broker wants problems for transfer the whole family, then Harm needs to alter his own assignment when keeping touch with all the government. If that neglects along with their plane arrives under strike, hurt & Beth have to property onto the sole obtainable landing strip. .

In JAG, a maritime is accused to be concerned about the al queda terrorist association and Mac will be delegated to shield him from the fee.

Episode 6

from the Saddle

air: 2003-10-31

damage is very shocked to discover his lifetime really is earning the following eye-opening twist, if he could be advised he could be hauled out of the CIA because of being inadvertently exhibited around the cable news community ZNN transporting out a youthful girl later landing the 2 Seahawk. Un-employed once-again, damage uses up crop dusting to pay for the invoices.

In JAG, ” Commander Carolyn Imes who formerly worked in HQ-JAG (if she had been an Lt. Cmdr), is attracted straight back again to HQ from international obligation to meet with the vacancy generated by the passing of Cmdr. Rabb. However, its Bud & Mac who’re shocked if they know their previous nurse faked records and was training law without even passing the Bar Assessment.

And Catherine Gale “”shocks”” damage using the news headlines which she’s expecting.

Episode 7


air: 2003-11-07

Because of Alleviate JAG case-load that was compounded from the inspection of most Cmdr. Imes instances, the Admiral gets got the SecNav reinstate hurt’s Naval Commission, clearing the means for problems for reunite to JAG.

After a US submarine rescues 10 North Koreans later their boat sinks from Southern Korean waters, Cmdr. Turner takes place in Washington to identify their goal.

Throughout the allstar match of this Navy & maritime base ball players, then a batter escapes getting murdered after getting struck by means of a ball thrown from your pitcher. The pitcher subsequently will come under scrutiny for potential attack costs.

Episode 10

Pulse speed

air: 2003-12-02

The passing of the sailor adjusting the boats ice-cream contributes Mac to induce and problems for shield the sailor billed with all the passing.

In the Naval Academy, Mikey’s friendship is tested if his tribe presents him for his sister and also the both of these struck off it, inducing fireworks involving Mikey, his his sister Cassie.

Episode 12

a lady’s Best Buddy

air: 2004-01-09

As damage currently has custody of Mattie, ” PO2 Jennifer Coates insists to become a apartment farther down the hallway from damage. Admiral Chegwidden seems in to the bead gave up to Meredith to his or her participation “”only does not seem correct””.

Episode 13

Great Intentions

air: 2004-01-16

If a lady Naval officer is available savagely murdered, up its upward to Mac to shield the defendant – a man petty officer that was drunk and it has zero recollection of the whole day.

In addition, a Navy SEAL Commander finds himself confronting charges of larceny and fraud – his sufferer: the united states of america.

Episode 14

persons v. SecNav

air: 2004-02-06

If civilians are murdered in a bombing raid, a worldwide Criminal Court protects the united states of america with war offenses and also the SecNav could be your only one on demo representing america. Even the SecNav has been defended by damage, Mac & Bud that see that they need to also shield the usa determination for waging the war. By the conclusion, the court discovers out the United States on These fees: pitted against humankind – Maybe Not Liable Warcrimes – Maybe Not Liable Intentionally Concentrating on Noncombatants – Maybe Not Liable Willful destruction of civilian land – Responsible.

The court requests america to deliver reparations into city of Tikifa at the sum of20 million US bucks. Even the prosecutor cites into this SecNav he does not agree with all the verdicts, however joyful that the SecNav will not need to visit jail. In conclusion, the SecNav claims the 2 states are close friends for way too much time and so they return to find yourself a glass or two collectively.

Straight back the united states, if Bud must fly over seas to aid shield the SecNav, ” Mike has been requested to little one

Episode 15


atmosphere afternoon: 2004-02-13

The wreck of a plane to a air craft carrier is currently thought to function as the consequence of the pilot committing suicide, ” and this includes hurt & Mac slough off from individual; notably as Mac would like to grip pilots controlling officer accountable if she finds he understood that the pilot proved to be profoundly unhappy ahead of the pilot shot off.

If Mattie will get on her mind, she requires hurt & Petty Officer Coates to greatly help her escape free from it.

Harm briefly loses his listening to once the auto battery Corvette explodes even though he had been focusing with it.

Episode 17

go Like a Person

atmosphere: 2004-02-27

Mac is still suffering from her own feelings within her being forced to eliminate Sadik Fahd, that starts to interfere with all another sections of her lifetime – for example her own defense using some former maritime.

Mattie has been bargain with the way she feels her daddy.

Episode 18

What’s …

air: 2004-03-12

Members of this “”JAG”” personnel are “”aided”” and detect their own authentic inner emotions whilst observing Jennifer Coates marketing to Petty Officer 1 st course.

Episode 19

Tough Time

air afternoon: 2004-04-02

Mac appears to become cautious what she requests to because she can be delegated to escort women Marine captive, later left the petition the captive needs to really be escorted by some body in a position to restrain her.

Damage & Mac move facing another inside the instance of of an Marine standard creating people addresses saying Islam goes terrorism & evil. In that way, he also will work to get ready to the approaching burial of the son.

Mac & Bud are predicted on in order to observe why armored vests contributed to troops at the industry to safeguard them as an alternative are neglecting to accomplish exactly what they’ve been developed todo.

And Bud has the help of the maritime singer who has been plagued with the recording company he could be under agreement to, even once they thing to him functioning from the warfare.

Episode 23

Hail and Farewell (inch)

air: 2004-05-21

the summer season-finale finds casting members at a entire condition of shift: Admiral Chegwidden shows a sudden decision he’s produced; Mac has given a few information regarding her wellbeing along with Harm has been confronted with a individual reduction.

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