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The first episode of the popular Animation, Comedy, television series MADtv season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 that you can download first appeared on TV in 2004-09-18 and was shown by Fox Broadcasting Company, Comedy Central, The CW. The Show was directed and created by , Quincy Jones. The main roles were played by such famous actors like Will Sasso. The show has a high rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

The tenth season of MADtv aired from September 18, 2004, to May 21, 2005, with 23 episodes.

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Episode Guide

Episode 1

Episode #1001

air day: 2004-09-18

Opening Credits Conflict Crazy as Hell: Alien vs. Predator Angela & Natalie Stalk the President Crazy as Hell: Benji Jello Shots Crazy as Hell: Vanity Fair Abercrombie Rumble Jeopardy The Amazing Presidential Race Part I Twisted Crust Pizza Complete-za The Amazing Presidential Race Part II Close-Bobby

Episode 2

Episode #1002

air day: 2004-09-25

Growing Up Gotti/Open – Stephnie Alien vs. Princess Diaries 2 vs. Snuggle Chili’s Commercial Outtakes 1 Coach Hines: Funeral Chili’s Commercial Outtakes 2 MADtv Presidential Debate (Parts 1 & 2) Chili’s Commercial Outtakes 3 Bae Sung: Uh-Oh, Hot Dog! Trading Spouses Close – Ike

Episode 3

Episode #1003

air day: 2004-10-02

Open – Oprah Makes MADtv Wishes Come True FOX Election Update – John Madden TRL Rock the Vote The Letourneau Family Real Mofo Talk – Election Eve Special Ashlee Simpson Show Crazy as Hell – Open Water Premiere My Pet Goat: Bush vs. Kerry on 9/11 Christina Milian performs “”Whatever U Want”” Close-Ashlee Simpson Show

Episode 4

Episode #1004

air day: 2004-11-06

Open: Ashlee Simpson Performance The Duckling The Fantanas 7AM Condo Report 4: Hurricane MTV Diary: Delicious Morisette Post-Election Party I Love the ’00s Abercrombie: Apple Sherry the Stripper Gatoraide Close-Frank’s Impressions

Episode 5

Episode #1005

air day: 2004-11-13

Open- Mike, Aries, & Will Average Asian: Party Britney Spears video “”My Predicament”” Kobe Thunder Shoes Kenny Rogers Reality Show Stuart: Vacuum Salesman Superstitious Knights: Jinx II (Wedding) Marilyn Manson performs “”Personal Jesus”” Close-Bobby & Professor Gigglepepper

Episode 6

Episode #1006

air day: 2004-11-20

Open: Aries, Jordan, & Keegan Bill Maher’s Punk’d Dot: Little Miss Petite Princess Pageant The Wizard of Odd Norah Jones Party Real Mofo Talk: Thanksgiving Lean Mean Turkey Grillin’ Machine Ja Rule performs “”Wonderful”” Close-Norah Jones Singing

Episode 7

Episode #1007

air day: 2004-11-27

Open-Stephnie Celebrity Quarters Sean the Floor Leader – Supply Cabinet Mini Pullover Aries & Ike at the Vibe Awards Drama Queen – Airplane Musical Funkenstein vs. Creature from the White Lagoon Courtroom Close- Bobby & Daniele’s MADtv T-Shirts

Episode 8

Episode #1008

air day: 2004-12-11

Verb Alert System Infomercial Death to America (Al Jazeera TV) The Right Time to Make Love Film 7AM Condo Report: Mexican Flu Shots Lillian Verner Game Show 4 Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man: John Kerry Cragg Breakfast Avril Lavigne performs “”Nobody’s Home”” Close-Death to America

Episode 9

Episode #1009

air day: 2004-12-18

Fantanas 2: New Holiday Flavors Celebrity Quarters 2: Holiday Edition Abercrombie: All-White Holiday Shaq and the Former Lakers Cartoon Gap Commercial Ike and Aries at the 2004 Billboard Awards Real **********ing Talk: Holiday Show Holly and the Mistletoe Tappers Musical Performance by Nelly Close: Ike and Aries talking with Gloria Estefan

Episode 10

Episode #1010

air day: 2005-01-08

People’s Court: Loves ‘Em and Pile of Leaves ‘Em Bae Sung: Auto Repair Shop Special Patrick: Newscast Ray’s Grudge – A Blind Date with Terror Lavitra Inside Looking Out Marvin Tikvah: Private Swim Lessons Open Water Affairs The Hives perform “”Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones”” Close-Special Patrick Outtakes

Episode 11

Episode #1011

air day: 2005-01-22

American Idol Music Video “”Since We Were On”” Bible Dude and Choir Boy: Teen Pop Dr. Kylie: Breast Implants Garnier vs. Pantene vs. Queen Helene Morbidly Obese Albert MADtv Sponsors Cool Brother Jake The Kim Jong-Il Show: Donald Trump The Donnas perform “”I Don’t Wanna Know”” Close-Paul

Episode 12

Episode #1012

air day: 2005-02-05

Extreme Makeover Deluxe Edition FOX Super Bowl Pre-Game #1 Dot: Psychological Evaluation FOX Super Bowl Pre-Game #2 Ms. Swan: Valentine Candy Frank & Ike at Super Bowl Media Day The Brightlings III Union Strike Close-FOX Super Bowl Pre-Game #3

Episode 13

Episode #1013

air day: 2005-02-12

Madden Birdhouse The Phantom of the Oprah Handicap Helpers The Price Better Be Right… Lida & Melina: MTV Spring Break Reality Check: Ashlee Simpson Bae Sung: French Airways Desperate Housewives Close-Desperate Housewives

Episode 14

Episode #1014

air day: 2005-02-19

Snoop Dogg/Pharell video: “”Smokin’ Too Much Pot”” Hallmark #1 Stuart: Moving On Hallmark #2 Lorraine Goes Bowling Hallmark #3 Lillian Verner Game Show 5 Houseguest Felicia Screwup News Close-Stuart Outtakes

Episode 15

Episode #1015

air day: 2005-02-26

Lost 7AM Condo Report: Oscar Edition Gambling-o-Holic Intervention Inside Looking Out II The B.S. Black History Minute Close-Survivor Audition

Episode 16

Episode #1016

air day: 2005-03-12

Dr. Phil: Good Parenting Jacko’s Wacko Trial Rusty: Presidential Questions Forum Ike & Ron at American Idol Final 12 Party Tank at a Night Club Stand Up Routine Peggy Partain the Roller Skating Champ The Forty Million Dollar Baby Close-Rusty

Episode 17

Episode #1017

air day: 2005-03-19

TRL: Maroon 5 Anna Nicole Perfume (Channel 5) QVC Latin Hour How to Telephone a Girl The Right News Photo eBay Addict Party Girl Cragg Reality Show Encore: Cold Case (#918) Close-Anna Nicole

Episode 18

Episode #1018

air day: 2005-04-09

Cops (Rufus Champagne II) Marvin Tikvah: Rehab Taco Hell II Old Man Stan Married Females Seek Fun Sexual Harrassment Accusations Steven Cragg Film “”Sex Video”” Encore: “”Bomb, Bomb, Bomb”” Music Video (#817) Close-Old Man Stan

Episode 19

Episode #1019

air day: 2005-04-23

The Barbecue Bus Sprint Ringtones Coach Hines: Career Day Pimp My Bride Inside Looking Out III Big Lady, Mini Cooper Christie Brinkley’s Ab Zapper Detroit Star Naming Institute Front Row Rappers Close-Bush Sprint Ringtone

Episode 20

Episode #1020

air day: 2005-04-30

Open: Michael the Dog Trainer Sherry the Stripper: By the Pool Coah Hines: Basketball Game Marital Role Playing The Lillian Verner Game Show VI Inside the Actor’s Studio: Artie Lange Favorite Primetime Parody Winner: The Sopranos (#624) Miss Teen USA Close: Lillian Verner Game Show Outtakes

Episode 21

Episode #1021

air day: 2005-05-07

Celine Dion’s Miracle Tour a les bebes Vehicular Verb Alert 24 with Bobby Lee Real Mofo Talk: Mother’s Day CONSTABLES Funkenstein vs. Queen Nefertiti Cosby Show Reunion A Wedding Story: The Zizmors Close-Bobby

Episode 22

Episode #1022

air day: 2005-05-14

Open: Displaced Kidneys Tank: Playboy Mansion Mrs. Campbell Goes to the Movies TRL: Emcee Escher The B.S. II The Kissing Game Bible Dude: Video Games Whitney and Bobby Return Close: Tank

Episode 23

Episode #1023

air day: 2005-05-21

Open: Make a Wish Handicap Helpers: Home Invasion Average Asian: Surprise Birthday Party Superstitious Knights: Regional Hamlet Champions Sean the Floor Leader: Sexual Harrassment Your New Neighbor MADtv Presents Frank Caliendo National Security Advisor Close-Aries & Cast

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