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The first episode of the popular Drama, Action & Adventure, television series Robin Hood season 1, 2, 3 that you can download first appeared on TV in 2006-10-07 and was shown by BBC One. The Show was directed and created by , Dominic Minghella, Foz Allan. The main roles were played by such famous actors like Keith Allen, Richard Armitage, Sam Troughton, Jonas Armstrong, Harry Lloyd, William Beck, Gordon Kennedy, Joe Armstrong, Anjali Jay, David Harewood, Lara Pulver, Joanne Froggatt. The show has a high rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Can You Tolerate This?)

atmosphere evening: 2006-10-07

Robin, ” Earl of Locksley, yields home following five decades battling with the Crusades to detect his England isn’t exactly the exact same England he understood. He has to earn a option to undermine his worth of honor and justice and then accommodate into this newest sequence or earn a rack alone to spare innocent lifestyles.

atmosphere afternoon: 2006-10-14

Small John along with his group of outlaws are demonstrating a tricky issue to conquer Robin and his guys.) Even the Sherrif retaliates Contrary to the Robin’s defection by threatening the Individuals of Locksley. Robin has been extended an option: Surrender or enable the individuals of Locksley to undergo. But he thinks this for always a dogooder referred to at the nightwatchman. Robin and the Sheriff kind an unholy alliance to get the genuine identification of this murderer.

Episode 4

father or mother Hood

air: 2006-10-28

Roy is recorded with the Sheriff and he’s supplied an option – get rid of Robin or see his own mommy dangle. Even the Outlaws look for an infant at the woods and attempt to discover the young ones. Marian defies the Sheriff and he succeeds her punishment. Before they could compete against Robin have to handle this Sheriff’s hottest method of applying Saracen slaves as labor at his mortal mine. May Robin, Together with the Assistance of this Night Watchman, conquer Nottingham’s strategy punctually to get your own contest?

Episode 6

The Taxman Cometh

air evening: 2006-11-11

If Robin along with his own group experience Flaxton, a farmer, along with also his son whilst in his way into Nottingham it will not require them to detect isn’t as it would seem. If they detect Flaxton is really a tax aide, in his own approach to rely on the mountain of taxation Nottingham Castle an agenda is hatched allowing Robin entry into this castle vault.

Episode 7

Brothers in Arms

atmosphere: 2006-11-18

Returning in a call to show your Sheriff’s bent pawnbroker a lesson, Robin along with his group encounter yet another group of outlaws – only in time for you to rescue by the beating. As soon as his boss works out to function as Alan a Dale’s brother, Tom, Robin have to choose when he needs to make it possible for one different outlaws to combine his group. Exactly what Tattoo?

atmosphere evening: 2006-11-25

As King Richard’s birthday stems round Robin is not surprised to find that a dreadful secret regarding Sir Guy of Gisborne. Meanwhile, the Djaq was seized and is now being hauled with the Sheriff, together with Robin diverted by Gisbourne’s solution could the gang full a more prosperous rescue?

Episode 9

something or Two About Loyalty

air: 2006-12-02

Lambert, a pal of Sir Guy of Gisborne and castle scientist, also found that lifestyles may be in danger when his most recent innovation should happen to collapse in the Sheriffs arms. If Lambert wont create much more of this innovation, an “volatile” black powder, then he’s put in to the dungeons from the mad Sheriff. Considerably volunteers to catch himself arrested so they could benefit Lambert from inside of, however can he gain longer subsequently he’s bargained for? Away!

atmosphere afternoon: 2006-12-09

Robin conserves an arsonist from burning off Locksley Church and attracts back him into the woods and also the group really are loath to really feel empathy for him until finally they realize he is and wherever he has been. Peace is really on the desk because a emisary out of Saladin visits England to negotiate with all Prince John, but as an alternative the Sheriff tries to keep him for ransom. If Robin finds that the storyline, he creates programs for your ransom dollars – however that which exactly will he need to manage to receive it?

Episode 11

Dead Man Walking

air: 2006-12-16

When Small John’s kid is detained in Locksley, ” John proceeds to safeguard his son out of your Sherrif’s regulation – and also can be promptly pitched in Nottingham’s dungeon. Alice is surprised to locate that her husband remains living. Marian tries to steal Gisborne’s income and disperse it into the villagers, ” Robin attempts to get more information regarding Gisborne’s offenses. But catastrophe strikes to its night watchman in Locksley man or…

Episode 13

A Clue: ” No

atmosphere: 2006-12-30

At the last installment of this first show, Robin of Locksley mourns the lack in Marian. However, from the Last fairwells in this bunch some shocking discovery was created…

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