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The first episode of the popular Action & Adventure, television series Sliders season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 that you can download first appeared on TV in 1996-09-20 and was shown by Fox Broadcasting Company. The Show was directed and created by , Tracy Tormé, Robert K. Weiss. The main roles were played by such famous actors like Cleavant Derricks, Kari Wuhrer, Tembi Locke, Robert Floyd, Chase Masterson. The show has a high rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Info

Episode 1

Pointers of the Recreation

air day: 1996-09-20

The Sliders flip into involuntarily apart of a human warfare recreation the place the one winners are people who preserve alive.

Episode 2

Double Cross

air day: 1996-09-27

On a world quickly working out of pure sources, Rembrandt meets his major fan nevertheless finds her to be considerably to nice. Within the meantime, Quinn and the others meet Logan, a scientist at Prototronics that is trying to develop sliding. Nonetheless, they research her plans for sliding are faraway from noble.

Episode three

Electrical Twister Acid Check out

air day: 1996-10-04

The Sliders arrive on a world the place electrical tornadoes have nearly totally worn out the inhabitants. They uncover a secluded village someway protected in opposition to the tornadoes and a dictator which can cease the group from ever sliding as soon as extra.

Episode 4

The Guardian

air day: 1996-10-11

The Sliders arrive on a world similar to their very personal, solely time is shifting at a worth of twelve years slower than common. There, Quinn encounters his youthful double and tries to fluctuate an upcoming event in his life, whatever the reverse Sliders’ warnings.

Episode 5

The Dream Masters

air day: 1996-10-18

On a world the place a gaggle of social misfits have found to torture of us by moving into their objectives, Wade turns right into a objective of the group’s chief.

Episode 6

Desert Storm

air day: 1996-11-01

The Sliders land on a world with little water and can be found to help from a mysterious youthful woman whose reward to hunt out water is being exploited by a gaggle of thugs.

Episode 7


air day: 1996-11-08

On a world of magic and dragons, Quinn is mistaken for a wizard and kidnapped by an evil warlock bent on immortality. Within the meantime, Wade tries to help Rembrandt’s love troubles with a love potion, nonetheless it backfires and makes Rembrandt fall in love collectively along with her.

Episode eight

The Fireside Inside

air day: 1996-11-15

After barely escaping a world engulfed in flames, the Sliders now uncover themselves in a Los Angeles relying on the sale and manufacturing of oil. Sadly, they research they’ve launched alongside a piece of the fireside from the ultimate world and that it has a ideas of it’s private.

Episode 9

The Prince of Slides

air day: 1996-11-22

On a world the place the American authorities is a monarchy, Rembrandt is mistaken for his double and discovers that he is about to be a father of royalty. The one disadvantage is, on this world, it’s the lads who give starting to kids.

Episode 10

Ineffective Man Sliding

air day: 1996-11-29

On a world the place the approved system is inside the kind of televised recreation displays, Quinn is arrested, tried and sentenced to dying for the crimes of his double.

Episode 11

State of the A.R.T.

air day: 1996-12-06

The Sliders land on a world the place the human race was worn out by robots. Quinn and Rembrandt are captured by the robotic’s demented creator and are going to be used in a mind-transfer experiment.

Episode 12

Season’s Greedings

air day: 1996-12-20

On a world the place individuals are enticed by consumerism and huge malls inside the sky, the Sliders get jobs as mall workers to hunt out the mother of an abandoned toddler. Arturo is a reluctant Santa, Rembrandt and Wade his elves whereas Quinn will get an administrative job. Within the meantime, Wade faces some sturdy emotions when she meets her sister and father.

Episode 13

Murder Most Foul

air day: 1997-01-03

On an over-worked world with an uptight inhabitants, Arturo is taken into account a fracture and is shipped to a fantasy camp for a kind of leisure. When the others uncover him, they see he has been brainwashed into contemplating he is an efficient detective on the trail of a Jack the Ripper-like murderer.

Episode 14

Slide Like An Egyptian

air day: 1997-01-17

On a world dominated by Egyptian custom, Quinn is utilized in a life-after-death experiment and thought lifeless. The others miss the slide when attempting to keep away from losing a woman from a sacrifice and switch into trapped in a pyramid with an enormous scarab.

Episode 15

Paradise Misplaced

air day: 1997-01-31

The Sliders arrive in a small group, the place the residents are all youthful and afraid of outsiders. They don’t anticipate quite a bit problem, until they uncover a deadly secret.

Episode 16

The Exodus (1)

air day: 1997-02-21

Points don’t look good for the Sliders as soon as they slide to a world that’s about to be eradicated by a rogue pulsar. Shortly they uncover that this world has been creating sliding experience and pool their sources with the U.S. authorities in a race to flee to a parallel Earth.

Episode 17

The Exodus (2)

air day: 1997-02-28

Quinn and Maggie return to her world with Earth Prime’s coordinates saved in Jensen’s timer. As Wade makes the final word document for people who can slide to safety, Arturo races to modify the model new timer to slide additional of us. Sadly for them, an stunning hazard lurks the underside and one Slider is just not going to make it to the next world.

Episode 18

Sole Survivors

air day: 1997-03-07

The Sliders arrive on a world the place a wierd micro organism transformed the inhabitants into flesh-eating zombies. When Quinn is bitten, he begins to point out into one among them.

Episode 19

The Breeder

air day: 1997-03-14

A creature embeds a parasite in Maggie merely sooner than the slide, which takes the Sliders to a world the place youthful adults are utilized in a obligatory organ-donor program. The others should uncover Maggie sooner than she finds the best mate and lays her eggs.

Episode 20

The Ultimate Of Eden

air day: 1997-03-28

Wade and Rembrandt recall their slide to a world affected by earthquakes and populated by primitive of us. Wade falls proper right into a deep chasm and Quinn goes to rescue her, whereas Rembrandt learns of Arturo’s illness.

Episode 21

The Completely different Slide Of Darkness

air day: 1997-04-11

The Sliders monitor Rickman to a superstitious metropolis. Their search is extra subtle when Quinn and Maggie are captured by natives dwelling in a mysterious fog. There, Quinn runs into anyone from his earlier – himself.

Episode 22


air day: 1997-04-25

Whereas on journey, Quinn and Rembrandt get mixed up in an illegal snake deal and uncover themselves caught in the midst of no the place surrounded by deadly snakes. Within the meantime, Wade and Maggie change into concerned with a shady man of their look for the others.

Episode 23


air day: 1997-05-02

The Sliders’ chase for Rickman takes them once more to the world they helped colonize, the New World. Solely they uncover that the colonists are being hunted by a hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Episode 24


air day: 1997-05-09

Wade falls beneath the spell of a rock band’s charismatic lead singer, who is usually a vampire and looking out to utilize Wade to get the timer. Within the meantime, the others try to observe down Rickman.

Episode 25

This Slide of Paradise

air day: 1997-05-16

The Sliders monitor Rickman to a world the place a mad scientist has been experimenting with genetic testing and has created a race of human hybrids.

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