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The first episode of the popular Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, television series Supernatural season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 that you can download first appeared on TV in 2011-09-23 and was shown by The WB Television Network, The CW. The Show was directed and created by , Eric Kripke. The main roles were played by such famous actors like Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles. The show has a high rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

In year 1, Sam and Dean struggle demons. Genuine demons, for example Lucifer, that tortures Sam together with dreams of Hell. Personal allies, since the brothers experience an ominous exclusive reduction when Bobby is reduce down from mysterious forces. As Sam and Dean traveling the backroads of the united states, looking creatures who wreak havoc upon the harmless, ” a fresh and much more dreadful foe searches these: Leviathans, free of Purgatory and resistant towards the brothers’ arsenal of firearms and adorable. Together with Bobby absent, all Sam and Dean could be dependent on is one another. However, would this be sufficient?

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Satisfy the New Boss

air afternoon: 2011-09-23

Castiel will not get rid of Sam, Dean along with Bobby but cautions them never to hinder with his small business. Assuming his newest job since God, Castiel lays outside to directly a few of the wrongs on earth. Dean decides that they have to scatter Departure and arrange him to discontinue Castiel, however, the prior angel will be 1 step before these, leaving Dean to manage a exact upset Departure. Meanwhile, the Sam struggles to take care of the busted wall within their own mind.

Episode two

Hi, Cruel World

air afternoon: 2011-09-30

The busted walls at Sam’s head induces him to own hallucinations, also he also has trouble differentiating what is authentic and what isn’t. Bobby anxieties that Dean is starting to stumble beneath the burden of combating and trying to keep an eye fixed on Sam.

Episode 3

The Girl Next Door

atmosphere: 2011-10-07

Dean is mad following Sam evaporates to stick to along with direct result on an incident with hints which can be indistinguishable to an incident Sam resolved like a young child. The stunt ends up to become Amy, that hasbeen murdering lowlife thugs and carrying their own brains for lunch – exactly the exact demon Sam seen being a young kid. The vengeful god is placing men and women on trial because of their previous faults and murdering them when found accountable. Osiris hones in on Dean’s remorse and determines he is the second to endure demo. Sam measures in as Dean’s law firm, but each brothers ‘ are not unaware if Osiris phone calls for an abrupt opinion Jo.

Episode 5

Close Up, Dr. Phil

air afternoon: 2011-10-21

Sam and Dean match Maggie Star K, a witch who’s resisted her anger to a little city, causing many deaths.) Sam and Dean monitor her down husband, Donald, to observe whether they could provide help. Donald informs the brothers who Maggie is angry at him for having a affair and can be carrying it out to the townspeople. The topic of the national manhunt, ” Sam and Dean should shed the grid off accordingly Bobby sends them into Frank Deveraux, a unique defense professional, for assistance. Meanwhile, the Bobby proceeds to hunt for a means to get rid of the Levianthans, or at least slow down them, and that the actual Winchesters may discontinue their wicked doppelgangers. They detect that an mad soul is killing the psychics off one by one, however, at a city filled with men and women who assert to function as summoning spirits, they all have just a tiny problem distinguishing the moderate commanding the ghost.

atmosphere afternoon: 2011-11-11

According to a search, Sam runs right into some one from his past as well as a confrontation stinks. Meanwhile, he Dean reluctantly teams using a unique, royal hunter called Garth, if he discovers himself at times he simply cannot spell out.

Episode 9

the way to Win Friends and Impact Monsters

atmosphere afternoon: 2011-11-18

Sam, Dean, and also Bobby turn out to be predators that are actual, at the authentic meaning of this word, even whenever they setup camp at a nj country park to monitor a monster that’s been attacking individuals within the forests. Even the townsfolk assert it’s the true Jersey Devil. Meanwhile, the Dean is outside excited to come across a Biggerson’s cafe in the city, however, can be ruined when he finds the restaurant specific sandwich appears to be creating people mad. Meanwhile, the Sam makes the decision to enable a teenaged girl try to find the daddy, a priest who’s gone lost. Sam outlines his past actions to your truckstop at which in fact the assistance functions out never to become this favorable.

Episode 12

Period After Time After Time

air afternoon: 2012-01-13

Sam and Dean grapple using all the God of Time( that directs Dean straight back once again to 1944, at which he could be immediately arrested by none aside from the one and just Eliot Ness. While attempting to learn just how exactly to recover his new brother, then Sam is astonished with the reappearance of a elderly buddy.

Episode 13

The Exotic Ladies

air afternoon: 2012-02-03

Sam and Dean investigate an incident at which in fact the sufferers’ feet and hands are improved and all were branded with an odd emblem. Though Sam does a research in a neighborhood college, Dean heads into a of the favourite spots to explore – the city pub. Dean strikes up a dialog using a nearby termed Lydia, and also the 2 proceed right back into her spot. Sam finds the emblem in the entire bodies really are a indication of all Amazon warriors. On Sam’s terror his youth fear of clowns mani-fests in a exact barbarous and stabbing manner which consequently contributes to Dean’s youth panic, shedding his own brother. They were able to conserve a female employee, Jeffrey, though vanquishing the demon, however today it sounds that the caked creature has reared his ugly mind and came back to get a 2nd serving. The brothers see Jeffrey, that was secured in a psychology ward as the episode, to observe whether they could remember some one of their demon’s aims even though he had been owned.

Episode 16

Out With the previous

air afternoon: 2012-03-16

Following a ballerina can be available dead out of dance himself to departure, Sam and Dean search in the scenario and detect that the ballet slippers she wore have been murdered. After Dean unintentionally rolls the footwear that the capability of this curse begins to simply take hold of him. Attempting to rescue his brother, Dean phone calls each woman he is aware of for assistance. Some of those seekers supplies him that the identify of the healer that proves to really have a exact experience. Sam and Dean find they’re combating a Shojo, ” a Western monster provided for find revenge on enemies. The strangest part concerning fighting a Shojo? You are able to just watch it if you are drunk. Once they arrive at the town, they figure out Annie has vanished. They follow her final where abouts into a old deserted house that’s haunted with a effective ghost.

Episode 20

the lady using the d & d Tattoo

atmosphere: 2012-04-27

Dick Roman accelerates Frank’s hard disk drive which has sensitive details regarding this Winchesters and presents it into a undercover superb hacker termed Charlie telling that she has 3 times to successfully decode on the encryptionl or else she’s fired. Sam and Dean are tipped off that Dick gets got the difficult disk and also race for at Charlie until she violates up the signal. Meanwhile, the Bobby attempts to greatly help both the brothers, but his anger towards Dick for murdering him commences to be at how. A teen termed Kevin will get struck by means of a bolt of lightening and can be converted in to a reluctant prophet. Sam and Dean feel Kevin retains the secret to beating the Leviathans but has to fight off two arch Angels who need him to get his or her particular intentions.

Episode 22

There’ll Be Blood

air day: 2012-05-11

as a way to conquer Dick Roman along with also the Leviathans, ” Sam and Dean have to locate a few important products. Castiel will help with you however to its very last things, the Winchesters has to face among the most powerful competitions – an Alpha and Crowley. Meanwhile, the Bobby attempts out a fresh ghost hint which finishes up staying very perilous. Dick’s at the finished period of his strategy and also the Winchesters ought to form teams using Castiel, ” Bobby, ” Meg and also Kevin, the Maya, to prevent him. But, Dick is still among the cleverest enemies they will have ever confronted it is really a mind sport to find who is able to continue to keep the top hand.

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