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The first episode of the popular Comedy, Drama, television series Xena: Warrior Princess season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 that you can download first appeared on TV in 1998-10-03 and was shown by Broadcast syndication. The Show was directed and created by , Robert Tapert, John Schulian. The main roles were played by such famous actors like Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Ted Raimi, Kevin Smith, Karl Urban, Alexandra Tydings, Adrienne Wilkinson, Danielle Cormack, Charles Mesure. The show has a high rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

The fourth year of this tv show Xena: Warrior Princess commenced broadcasting at the USA and Canada around September 28, 1998, also reasoned on might 17, 1999, also comprised 22 events)

The fourth year aired at the Usa around America Network. The entire year has been launched on DVD like a ten disk boxed established beneath the name of Xena: Warrior Princess: Season 4: to June 15, 2004 from Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Xena: Warrior Princess period 4 complete Collection of incidents and load choices

Episode manual

Episode inch

Adventures in the Sin Trade (inch)

atmosphere evening: 1998-10-03

Once Gabrielle forfeited himself to prevent Hope, a grief stricken Xena has to go for the Amazon Land of the Dead to get Gabrielle, along with Xena re visits her ago with all the shamoness Alti, on the manner.

Episode 2

Adventures in the Sin Trade (two)

air evening: 1998-10-10

In the Amazon Position of Rush, Xena has to combat the wicked shamoness Alti and complimentary that the spirits of these deceased Amazons in the prior, till she may carry on searching for Gabrielle.

Episode 3

A Family Affair

air evening: 1998-10-17

Once Xena and Joxer traveling to Potidaea they detect Hope posing as Gabrielle plus so they have to discontinue her along with her massive offspring out of ruining the entire Earth, and also the manner Xena interrupts the actual Gabrielle.

Episode 5

A fantastic Day

atmosphere evening: 1998-10-31

Teaming up using troops, Xena plots in opposition to Caesar and Pompey, whose warfare between still another has spilled across by Rome into Greece, along with Xena intends to ship them straight back into exactly where they originated out of.

Episode 6

an account of Two Muses

air evening: 1998-11-07

Xena and Gabrielle encounter an older buddy, Tara, and attempt to simply help “lighten” an abysmal city in which dancing has been outlawed. They demand Autolycus inside their own plans to reduce footloose and fancy free of charge.

Episode 7

Locked Up and Tied Down

air: 1998-11-14

If Xena permits herself to become detained and convicted of this murder of an innocent lady, that made to perish previously, Gabrielle struggles to find the facts along with liberated Xena out of Shark Island Prison.

Episode 8


air evening: 1998-11-21

Xena and Gabrielle match a females warrior, Najara, also a “crusader”, that jelqing equally sinners along with warlords in to the manner of their lighting. Gabrielle carries a caring likeness for her, even as she finds they desire to start out an Hospice and struggle permanently. Xena isn’t completely convinced Najara can be just as great because she proves to become, however she admits no matter if Gabrielle is safe sticking together with Najara.

Episode 9

Past Imperfect

air daytime: 1999-01-06

Xena and Gabrielle do the job to conserve village that’s getting wrecked in just the identical way she wrecked the other village at a conflict with all the Centaurs a long time earlier.

Episode 10

The Essential for the Kingdom

air evening: 1999-01-16

Joxer, Meg and also Autolycus workforce to creep the most notorious “critical” that is prophecized to contribute into the summit of Athena, however the joke’s about Autolycus if he first sees that the secret is not exactly what the grasp Thief anticipated, also Meg has additional plans because of this.

Episode 11

Daughter of Pomira

air afternoon: 1999-01-23

Xena and Gabrielle attempted to regain just a youthful lady who had been murdered six decades back from the Horde, nevertheless they also do not rely on how the kid was increased together of those Horde and does not need to go away the sole family she is aware of.

Episode 12

in the event the Shoe Fits…

air afternoon: 1999-01-30

whilst Allergic to get back princess or queen Alecia together with her daddy and also the step mother she participates, Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer and also Aphrodite shoot turns regaling the kid with all fairy-tales with all recognizable faces.

Episode 13

Paradise identified

air evening: 1999-02-06

In India, Xena and Gabrielle get at a appearing property of heaven by which a mysterious man termed Aidan, instructs Gabrielle the craft of yoga and meditation.) He advises Xena regarding Gabrielle’s prospective safety when she proceeds to traveling together with her, also Xena has to choose whether Aiden can be just a boon – or even perhaps a curse.

Episode 14


air afternoon: 1999-02-13

whilst traveling India, Xena and Gabrielle meet up with Eli, a magician, along with Gabrielle instantly gets the capability to recover and can be termed a curative deity – a Devi – however, Xena is doubtful of their energy origin.

Episode 15

involving the Lines

air: 1999-02-20

A Indian tradition transmits Xena’s soul to the future to get a experience using the re incarnation of their wicked shamoness Alti.

Episode 17

The Play’s The Item

atmosphere: 1999-03-20

The Queen of Disadvantages, Zera, convinces Gabrielle to create a drama her experiences with Xenawith all the concealed reason of conducting with all the production of expense funds. Meanwhile, he Joxer wrestles with all the guilt of the very first destroy, also stuggles with acknowledging his own guilt into the son of this person he murdered.

Episode 19

Requires You to Know 1

air: 1999-05-01

Household and close friends assemble for Gabrielle’s surprise party simply to eventually become suspects in a murder diagnosis rather every time a bountyhunter appearing to shoot Xena in, is murdered. Today Discord, the recently appointed goddess of retribution, has awarded Xena before sun rise to get the killer or everybody she likes would soon be brought fully to the underworld. Xena need to control Caesar and Pompey’s warring cousins, although trying to keep a watch over the rebellious Amazon.

Episode 21

The Ides of March

air: 1999-05-15

Callisto yields from Hell using a dual assignment: tainted Xena and create Julius Caesar emperor, however aims vary when Caesar’s allies twist him and Gabrielle has been imprisoned and captured. She expects assistance in the past lifetime skilled, together with a couple of recognizable faces on the manner.

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