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The first episode of the popular Comedy, Drama, television series Xena: Warrior Princess season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 that you can download first appeared on TV in 1999-09-27 and was shown by Broadcast syndication. The Show was directed and created by , Robert Tapert, John Schulian. The main roles were played by such famous actors like Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Ted Raimi, Kevin Smith, Karl Urban, Alexandra Tydings, Adrienne Wilkinson, Danielle Cormack, Charles Mesure. The show has a high rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

At a group of incidents such as no additional, Xena’s exceptional fifth time of year ratchets upward the protagonist using a spell-binding episode-to-episode story assembled up on the Warrior Princess’s stunning discovery which she is carrying in her young child of roots. Inspired with questions about whom the youngster belongs and the mystical maternity has prompted a mortal battle involving your mortal and immortal worlds, ” Xena attempts to detect truths that’ll transform her life indefinitely.

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Episode information

Episode inch


air: 1999-09-27

even though Joxer, Amarice, and also Eli decide to try to regain Xena and Gabrielle’s bodies, also a warfare around their spirits is waged with Heaven’s angels along with Hell’s demons, that comprises Callisto inside their positions.

Episode 2


air: 1999-10-04

Once Eli resurrects Xena and Gabrielle, Xena loses her memory of of the violence within her lifetime, also as a way to regain herself, her along with her buddies needs to combine her busted chakram having its own counterpart, ” however Ares would like them and also certainly will end at almost nothing to receive them. Mavican is decided to show her values Ares by ruining his former protege, whilst Xena and Gabrielle attract fresh meaning for the term “operating together”

Episode 4

Animal Attraction

atmosphere evening: 1999-10-18

even though having just a tiny rest and comfort in Spamona, Gabrielle attempts to coach her horse along with Amarice creates a love relationship with all the band’s elderly acquaintance, Arman. Meanwhile, the Joxer pines for Gabrielle, and Xena assists an older friend having a warlord issue.

Episode 5

Them Bones, Them Bones

air: 1999-11-01

Xena and Gabrielle go on into the soul domain to prevent Alti from draining Xena’s newborn’s daily life induce that she could input into the physiological universe from the youngster’s human anatomy.

Episode 6


air evening: 1999-11-08

Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer travel to Chin, if Lao Ma’s kid summons Xena to aid defend her mum’s publication of intellect out of slipping in to the arms of the callous enemy.

Episode 7

straight back at the Bottle

air: 1999-11-15

Following an eyesight, Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer reunite to Chin, at which they’re connected with Kao Syn. They need to conquer the warlord Khan, who’s combined forces with all an wicked spirits of Pao Tsu along with Ming 10, aka The Green drag on, also knows precisely the recipe of this black powder that is mortal.

Episode 8

Small issues

air: 1999-11-22

Due to Aphrodite, Xena is trapped within the human body of the tiny woman and has to aid the child manage the despair over her mom’s passing, whereas Gabrielle and Aphrodite divide the 2 earlier sunset and maintain Xena’s human body safe by the terrible men.

Episode 9

Seeds of Religion

air evening: 2000-01-10

If Eli preaches of this departure of this Olympian gods, Xena and Gabrielle make an effort to guard him away from Ares however without avail, whilst advice is caked from the angel Callisto as well as the trick of Xena’s kid’s conception has been disclosed. Meanwhile, the Joxer conducts right into his fellow brother, the gaudy Jace, also Xena attempts to evade her mum’s efforts at matchmaking.

Episode 11


air: 2000-01-24

struggling with writer’s block, Gabrielle informs Aphrodite on her afternoon at a miserable god slipped her along with Argo and exactly how she’s strove to adjust the problem just before a exact darkened Xena grabs. Meanwhile, the Xena attempts to restrain her hormone-induced temper however to absolutely no avail.

Episode 12

god-fearing kid

air evening: 2000-02-07

Xena and Gabrielle group upward with Hercules if Zeus admits that Xena’s unborn baby has to die in order the prophecy isn’t going to be fulfilled. Meanwhile, the Xena makes the decision to go for the underworld to recover Hade’s helmet of invisibility to permit her along with her newborn to cover up. She conducts right into Solan, who’s selected to dwell at Tarturus.

Episode 13

everlasting Bonds

air: 2000-02-14

Following the arrival of newborn Eve, Xena and Gabrielle should defend the baby by your gods that need to damage her. Xena attempts to rid himself with the doting Ares, also Gabrielle attempts to recover the antidote to the toxin that’s gradually killing Joxer.

Episode 14

Amphipolis Under Siege

air: 2000-02-21

on a trip home to watch with her mommy, Xena, Gabrielle, along with infant Eve are immobilized at Amphipolis once Athena along with her own army encircle the village and also want to eliminate Xena’s youngster.

Episode 15

Married with Fishsticks

air: 2000-02-28

If Gabrielle strikes her thoughts and drops right into the sea, ” she receives amnesia along with also a Mer Man attempts to persuade her she is his spouse and mommy for his offspring that are helpless.

Episode 16

life blood

air evening: 2000-03-13

Xena and Gabrielle traveling into the Amazon village to generate infant Eve an Amazon princess and also realize they should prevent a warfare rather than

Episode 19

Hunting Death in the Eye

atmosphere: 2000-05-01

Ultimately an older Joxer gets a scroll which informs how Xena and Gabrielle tricked the Fates in to setting to motion that the twilight of these gods as well as just how Gabrielle and Xena have been presumed-dead for 25 many years and infant Eve went lost.

Episode 20


air daytime: 2000-05-08

hundreds of years have long passed if Xena and Gabrielle eventually alert out of their freezing snooze, plus so they put out to detect Xena’s daughter, Eve, simply to detect the entire world really isn’t exactly the exact same and is Eve. She is now called Livia, the Bitch of all Rome, a blood thirsty warrior together with Ares as her mentor and fan. Following finding her, then Xena confronts Livia/Eve in conflict once more. Meanwhile, both Gabrielle and Eve are battling conflicts in their own.

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