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The first episode of the popular Comedy, Drama, television series Xena: Warrior Princess season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 that you can download first appeared on TV in 2000-10-02 and was shown by Broadcast syndication. The Show was directed and created by , Robert Tapert, John Schulian. The main roles were played by such famous actors like Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Ted Raimi, Kevin Smith, Karl Urban, Alexandra Tydings, Adrienne Wilkinson, Danielle Cormack, Charles Mesure. The show has a high rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

The first period of this tv show Xena: Warrior Princess commenced broadcasting at the usa and Canada about October two, 2000 and reasoned June 18, 2001, also comprised 22 events.

The fourth year aired at the USA around America Network. The entire year has been launched on DVD being a ten disk boxed established beneath the name of Xena: Warrior Princess: Season 6, March 8, 2005 from Anchor Bay Entertainment.

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Episode information

Episode inch

Coming house

air evening: 2000-10-02

Ares requires Xena’s support reestablish his godly forces, however he has far more than he bargained for if the Furies effort to induce him mad using illusions.

Episode 3

Heart of Darkness

air: 2000-10-21

Xena should invent a strategy to stop from tripping the realm of Hell, plus it’ll not be straightforward along with her center spinning cold along with a angel called Lucifer ambitiously hoping to induce her to descend into her own throne.

atmosphere afternoon: 2000-10-28

Gabrielle lays to the rescue mission to North Africa together with the group at tow, even if she finds that her neice was contested through an evasive warlord called Gurkhan.

Episode 5


atmosphere evening: 2000-11-04

Xena and Gabrielle decide to try to support two warring African tribes combine their Roman opponents and Gabrielle needs to live together if she accidentally requires the life span of the undercover child.

Episode 6

The Abyss

atmosphere evening: 2000-11-11

If hunting to get Virgil, Xena and Gabrielle are faced with cannibals plus so they must keep living to be able to save Virgil until he reaches their meal.)

Episode 7

The Rheingold (inch)

air: 2000-11-18

Once Xena adheres to multi-media to prevent a barbarous monster she generated, Gabrielle so on follows and also learns of Xena’s last for being a valkeryie along with also the offenses that she perpetrated later she left the Rheingold to some highly effective ring. ”

Episode 8

The Ring (two)

atmosphere: 2000-11-25

Once Xena informs the narrative of the way Grendel was born, the moment the valkeryie Grunhilda placed to the Rheingold ring, ” she, Gabrielle, along with also two Northern warriors ruin the animal, simply to know it was not just the only that they though nevertheless her baby rather than It truly is mommy, Grunhilda, gets got the capability of this ring and can be bent on ruining Xena and anybody who has inside her way.

Episode 9

Yield of the Valkyrie (3)

air afternoon: 2000-12-02

Xena contains amnesia and thinks himself to function as Hrothgar’s bride, Wealthea however that she has to retrieve her memory as a way to rescue Gabrielle from endless rest.

Episode 12

The God you realize

atmosphere afternoon: 2001-02-03

Michael, the archangel, orders Xena to search the Roman emperor, Caligula, who’s murdered Aphrodite’s godhood and destroy him until they could do any more injury.

Episode 13

You’re There

air: 2001-02-10

A tabloid reporter attempts to find the spade on Xena along with her own motivation due to her own search to acquire the legendary gold apples out of Valhalla.

Episode 14

Course of Vengeance

air evening: 2001-02-17

If Eve yields to create amends on the last, she’s seized from the Amazons and sentenced to implementation unless of course Xena and Gabrielle could rescue

Episode 15

To Helicon and again

air afternoon: 2001-02-24

Gabrielle contributes the Amazons to the rescue assignment to Helicon to rescue Queen Varia in the Environmentally half-god son of Artemis, who is bent on ruining every single Amazon.

Episode 16

outline the Clones

air evening: 2001-04-28

Sometimes, a mysterious lady and also three supporters of Xena, utilize hair trials to generate clones of both Xena and Gabrielle, that confront a recognizable enemy out of their history. But, Nika and Xenon are now married and anticipating a kid. Ephany’s soul visits Gabrielle and requests for her support. Lord Belach searches down the Centaurs and kills them except for Xenon. Xena and Gabrielle provide to locate Nika to get Belach, Who’s the son of Barias. Belach has invested his lifetime attempting in order to stop getting exactly what his daddy had been. Xena shows that she’s the lady that required Barias a way from Belach along with also his mum. Nika gets her newborn, a Centaur. Belach catches Xenon and would like to exchange because of his daughter. Nika, Xena and Gabrielle persuade Belach that serenity could be the optimal/optimally alternative. He gets Xena his empress and policies the globe on her aspect. Gabrielle can be actually a gifted playwright and now Alti could be your High Priestess of all Rome, also that she needs all of the capability for himself and also certainly will end at absolutely nothing to receive it. Xena and Gabrielle genuinely believe that introducing Genia into Aphrodite would persuade her projecting her away entire life to get a god isn’t a good idea . however, it backfires about them. He deals with Xena in excess of Gabrielle’s soul working with a deal, and also nearly attracts Xena to wed him. Ofcourse Xena knows of how Ares’ catchy character and springs from this union. Consequently, the reincarnations of both Gabrielle, Joxer and Xena Need to struggle Ares in a modern day assembly of CH.A.K.R.A.M. Xena handles to ruin the deal Ares intended to receive her spirit. Once more, Ares’ ideas are destroyed. That was a set of samurai which stands out at precisely the manner. Xena is designed to combat a wicked phantom called Yodoshi, however they could just be hurt from the dead person. Gabrielle discovers that she is able to deliver Xena back into living by massaging off her entire body and also placing the ash at a magical spring until turning over another moment. Gabrielle combats the samurai to get Xena’s own body. She subsequently assembles a pyre and hastens Xena’s ashes. Meanwhile, the Xena’s soul arrives to some tea house at which other spirits which are contrary to the wicked Yodoshi reside. Finally Xena defeats Yodoshi and sparks that the numerous spirits he’s got held captive. However, inorder for all anyone spirits to stay peace, then Xena should remain lifeless. Gabrielle admits she has to forfeit her buddy to receive the increased good. However, since she wholeheartedly, Xena’s soul asserts to become using Gabrielle consistently.

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